Save on vet bills with this innovative pet allergy test kit

Save on vet bills with this innovative pet allergy test kit
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Understanding how our pets feel would be a whole lot easier if they could talk. Stop guessing when your pet is feeling discomfort with the Allergy Test My Pet Kit, an affordable way to discover the cause of your pet's condition.

If your pet is scratching excessively or has a frequent upset stomach, food sensitivities or intolerances may be to blame. But taking them to the vet for checkups and testing can often result in pricey vet bills that take a toll on your wallet. The Allergy Test My Pet Kit tests your pet from the comfort of your home against 100 of the most common allergens that may be affecting the way they feel.

The highly reviewed kit uncovers your dog's unique sensitivities to various foods and outdoor elements. It pinpoints the household and environmental factors (such as barley, chicken, pollen, potatoes, and the list goes on) by using protein measurements that analyze what makes your pet itchy and disagreeable.

Collect a saliva sample from your pup and mail it back. The results will come in within 2 to 3 weeks, once the material is analyzed, with a full report of sensitivities, a list of foods they should avoid, environmental allergens to watch out for, and so much more — each customized specifically to your beloved pet. It's that simple. You'll also receive tips for types of household products to avoid around your dog — giving you insight into components you may have not even realized affected their health.

As reviewed by D. Fersh from Toronto, Canada, "We were fortunate enough to be included in the testing of this product, and our results really helped us with the itchy coat Ernie was experiencing. We assumed he was allergic to chicken, but it turns out he had reactions to salmon and some other fish. This information really helped us with his diet."

While the Allergy Test My Pet Kit is regularly priced at $99, you can discover what your pet is allergic to today for only $69.99.

Prices subject to change.

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