See the world from a different perspective with this $50 smart drone

See the world from a different perspective with this $50 smart drone
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Look up in the air! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … drone! In the U.S. alone, there are almost a million drones registered, be that for recreational, commercial or military applications. Why not join the action with this SG107 Smart Drone?

Yes, there are drones of all shapes and sizes taking up air space these days. There are drones that will deliver packages. There are drones that will deliver extra balls to wayward golfers. There are even insecticide-packing drones designed to eradicate the nests of murder hornets. And while the SG107 does none of the above, it'll allow you to experience people, places, and things in a whole new perspective.

The SG107 Smart Drone allows you to take stunningly detailed images and videos thanks to its 4K camera. In conjunction with the companion app, you can see what the drone sees via your smartphone in real-time while controlling the device's variety of functions. The six-axis gyroscope accurately locks altitude and flight position so that you can set it on its path high in the air, over the water, or through crowds of people.

It offers a flight time of seven minutes and a flight distance of over 300 feet, giving you plenty of time to capture that perfect moment. The 360° flight angle will give you optimum views of your surroundings, while the return button will ensure that your drone will come back home to you. Compact and lightweight (meaning that you won't need to register this drone), its arms easily fold allowing you to neatly pack it into the accompanying carrying bag.

Smart Mini Drone

Available today for $49.99 (that’s almost 40% off the retail price of $79), this deal includes everything you need to get your SG107 Smart Drone up and flying. So get ready for take-off and who knows? Maybe next year you'll have some award-worthy photos!

Prices subject to change.