Transfer your files in an instant with this 128GB flash drive for $29

Transfer your files in an instant with this 128GB flash drive for $29
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DC Comic’s The Flash is famous for his speed, and while this Flash [Drive] has absolutely no relevance to the former, it’s known to be pretty darn fast too. With high speed, it could be your hero when it comes to transferring and saving your files.

Have you ever thought about how many photo albums you would need if you were to print out all the images you have on your phone? (Stats have shown that, on average, a person has around 2,100 photos on the smartphone.) Or how many filing cabinets you could fill with the documents you have saved? Or how many shelves you would need were your videos on actual DVDs? Or the number of CDs you have to burn? The point is that, in this day and age, we keep so much data on our smartphones and tablets that even those devices can reach their tipping point. That’s when we need to think about either deleting files (horrors!) or transferring them to other media.

This memory card reader is the perfect solution. With 128GB of storage capacity and four ports (USB 3.0, Lightning, micro-USB, type-C), it's compatible with many of your devices (both iOS and Android), and can easily transfer your photos, videos, and files from your devices to your laptop. Alternatively, you can save your data on the drive itself to transport from one location to another, for easy access wherever you are. If your data’s ultimate destination is the cloud, this flash drive is a simple means of getting it there.

This convenient device has earned a 5-star rating from verified buyers, and rave reviews including, “So easy to use! Received it, opened up the package, connected to my phone, and backed up my info within 3 minutes. Love this little thing!” and “Great little product. Keychain sized with 50% more storage than the 8 inch long hard drive on my desk. It is well constructed and made backing up photos and documents from my iPhone to my laptop easy.”

During our Secure Solutions Sale, it’s on sale for only $28.99, no coupon necessary. But don’t hesitate. This price is only available until April 11th at 11:59pm PST.

Prices subject to change.