This acclaimed gadget personalizes biometric security while on the go

This acclaimed gadget personalizes biometric security while on the go
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You cannot control what will happen, but you can at least be as prepared as possible. Start securing your personal belongings in plain sight with the innovative TROVA Go: Discreet Biometric Storage, now an additional 10% off with code TROVA29.

At first glance, you may think the TROVA Go is an eyeglasses case, hard drive, or pencil box, but it has a much greater purpose than that. The biometric-secured case brings forth a portable "pocket safe" with high-tech features that keep your items hidden from prying eyes and fits perfectly into any bag, purse, or backpack.

Created by Colorado-based entrepreneurs Scott and Jonell Loeppert in collaboration with New York industrial firm Aruliden, TROVO strives to bring innovative technology to your everyday life while also being aesthetically pleasing. The sleek product comes in charcoal, fog, and sandstone colorways and has been featured on Fast Company, Forbes, Mashable, and more for its beautifully constructed design that results in total privacy and function.

The device works by housing credit cards, jewelry, cash, vape pens, and so much more into its compact 6" x 2.9" aluminum alloy compartment with silicon over-mold that is only accessible through biometric scanning. Even a nifty upper lid strap holds rings or other small items securely with a magnetic closure.

A TROVA app, compatible with iOS and Android, connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the device and helps you keep tabs on your portable storage unit through biometric verification. As reviewed by a verified customer, TOVA brings "Convenience and peace of mind all in one super cool piece of technology. I love it!"

While TROVA Go: Discreet Biometric Storage is typically priced at $249, you can purchase the cutting-edge gadget at an even steeper sale price of $179.10 with coupon code TROVA29 at checkout.

See TROVA in action here:

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