Sous vide kit wows your holiday guests at a low pre-Black Friday price

Sous vide kit wows your holida...
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What do breads, baked goods, your mother's lasagna all have in common? They are all things you've created in the kitchen while safely social-distancing. It's been nothing but cooking show after baking competition after cookbook orders in your abode, and you've become quite the Martha Stewart type. While you've almost perfected your job as the world's best home chef, you've yet to experience life outside average pots and pans. We know they're ol' reliables, but the cast iron needs a break. The mundane day-to-day use of typical cookware ends when you grab the Yedi Infinity11® Sous Vide Kit in this pre-Black Friday deal.

What is a sous vide exactly? And, more specifically, what is the Yedi Infinity? Using the water heating method, the Yedi is a sleek kitchen staple. Powered by Octcision Technology, it pushes heated water throughout your favorite cooking pot for a new way to evenly cook steak, chicken, fish, veggies, and other favorites. With cook temps from 77-203°F, it's easy to ensure your meals are getting evenly cooked, while sucking in all of that vacuumed flavor for peak freshness. Sure, there are a couple of other unconventional ways to cook, but using a product that has almost 100 hours of cook time and 1,000 watts of power seems like the best, most creative opportunity you have at acing your holiday feast.

Yedi Houseware Infinity Sous Vide, Powered by Octcision Technology

The Yedi Infinity11® Sous Vide Kit, which includes a hand pump, 20 reusable BPA-free vacuum sealed bags, four sous vide container clips, two sous vide vacuum sealing clips, recipe books, and cheat sheets usually goes for $129, but this pre-Black Friday deal cuts the price down to $94.99, a 26% discount.

Prices subject to change.