Improve your balance with this adjustable yoga trainer, now 37% off

Improve your balance with this adjustable yoga trainer, now 37% off
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We've all probably heard that sitting (or standing) for long periods at a time is not suitable for our health. Take a break from your everyday routine and balance, stretch, and strengthen with this versatile Inflatable Yoga Balance Trainer.

Whether you sit all day at the office or are up on your feet for most of your shifts, implementing stretching into your daily routine is something your body needs to stay healthy. Without a proper dose of physical activity and stretching, our muscles shorten and become tight, causing less flexibility and even injuries. A staple in many gyms or workout studios, the Inflatable Yoga Balance Trainer, has been tried and true to gain balance, strength, and a good stretch — helping keep full-body workouts going all year long with ease.

Fully adjustable to match everyone's fitness goals, the portable Yoga Balance Trainer measures in at 10" x 23.4" when inflated and weighs just 10 lbs, allowing the exercise device to be moved easily from room to room at home or into the office — depending on where you want to train. Inflate the trainer to your liking and adjust accordingly with its included air pump. The gadget is durable — it can hold up to 300 lbs at a time — and is ready to be used whenever you need a workout break.

Designed with two adjustable bands that can be attached to its sides, the trainer also provides extra resistance and has the option for various intensity levels depending on your goals. Whether you're looking to build muscle, work on balance, or maintain your current physique while at home, you'll be able to make it happen with this simple yet effective device.

While the Inflatable Yoga Balance Trainer is regularly priced at $65, it can be purchased today at just $40.95. That's a savings of 37%. Stretch and strengthen in between meetings or give the gift of healthy habits to your loved one with easy-to-use workout equipment.

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