Across crowdfunding sites, we're seeing more and more smart doorbells and other devices designed to protect user's homes. A new one from Glate, called DefenDoor, aims to combine some of the best features from all of them, as it serves as a doorbell, camera, motion sensor, and more.

The main part of DefenDoor is the camera. When pressed, or when one of the sensors is triggered, the wireless camera will turn on and alert the user via a smartphone with a snapshot of what it sees. From there, users can choose to see the live video feed or send an audio message to the person at the door.

The camera is water-resistant and can be used inside or out, depending on a user's needs. This means it doesn't have to function as just a doorbell, but it can also be used for something like, say, keeping track of when someone opens the refrigerator.

A 150-degree viewing angle and 720p resolution round out the main features of the camera. It's all powered by three AA batteries, which the creators promise will last about one year, or for 500 30-second recordings.

Each camera can sync with up to five Bluetooth sensors which can be used at a range of about 30 feet (9 meters). The system offers vibration and motion sensors. This means that, if used outside as a doorbell, someone coming up to the door doesn't have to actually press a button. Instead, they can just walk by the motion sensor. This is handy for things like package delivery, where the delivery person may just walk up, drop off the packages, and leave.

Glate is seeking funding on Kickstarter to bring its home security/smart doorbell system to market. It's seeking US$100,000, and it's making its way towards that goal with a lot of time left in its funding period. There's a wide range of options for backers, starting with just a camera for $119 (assuming it reaches production) and going up from there as sensors are added and early specials run out.

The Kickstarter pitch video below shows the device in use, and provides more information.

Sources: Glate, Kickstarter

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