Delfjet turns humans into dolphins

Delfjet turns humans into dolphins
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Down waves, skimming across the surface or diving underneath the water - Delfjet is a remarkable surfing device designed to allow humans to emulate the motions of one of our most admired sea creatures - the dolphin. Capable of speeds up to 25 kmh and diving to 125 metres depth gives the Delfjet unprecedented versatility - not only can you get to waves more easily when bodysurfing, but when the ride is nearing its end you can simply motor off the front of the wave.

The diving depth can be set to a specific limit according to the user's needs, enhancing safety for amateur divers who can restrict depth to only a few metres.

Steering of the agile Delfjet is through transfer of body-weight and speed is controlled via simple to operate hand-throttles on either side of the body - a bit like a motorised "boogie board". When pressure is taken off the throttle sensor (ie. you fall off) the Delfjet stops like a jet ski does, so that recovery is easy.

The Delfjet also has solid environmental credentials - the electric drive mechanism was developed to produce the ideal amount of torque with great efficiency and the 5 horsepower jet engine is emission-free and almost totally silent.

The electronic jet engine is also service and maintenance free and power comes from rechargeable high-energy Li-Ion cells that provide enough energy to run the Delfjet for an hour at full speed.

Several models are available including the professional "Black Shadow" - built specifically for diving to greater depths - and a rescue model that can accommodate two people and still achieve speeds of 18kmh.

The models vary in price from US$16,000 to $23,000, so they're certainly not going to set any sales records - they'll be the toy you have on the back of your million dollar cruiser.

One model has been brought in for an Australian customer according to Bruce Batterham of Squadron Boat Sales who distributes the Delfjet.

Squadron Boat sales has offices in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Port Douglas. To learn more phone (02) 9736 2400, email or visit

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