French luggage manufacturer Delsey has revealed a prototype connected smart bag. Known as Pluggage, the bag links to a companion app, and offers various features such as fingerprint unlocking, location tracking and a built-in smartphone charger. The company is currently asking potential customers to vote for their favorite features, a number of which will be included in the final product.

Most of the prototype’s included features are right on the money. Ideas such as built-in scales to avoid extra fees at the airport, an internal light and fingerprint ID access (via the connected smartphone) make a lot of sense, and would add real value in terms of convenience and security.

Some of the other hardware features would also be welcome additions, such as the built-in smartphone charger, although we’re not sure about how useful or popular the slide-out speaker system would prove to be.

The prototype also allows travelers to make use of the supplied app to check that their bag has been loaded onto the aircraft and that it hasn’t been opened during transit. They can also enter their flight information, with the app providing details of must-see attractions and a destination weather forecast.

Delsey is currently asking users to vote for their favorite of the above features, with a top picks being integrated into a future retail version of the bag. The company told Gizmag that while it plans to integrate people’s top picks into the final bag, it isn’t yet sure just how many of the highest voted features will make the cut.

While the idea of smart luggage might not appeal to everyone, there certainly appears to be a demand for it. The Kickstarter campaign for Bluesmart – a connected carry-on suitcase that offers similar features including built-in scales and the ability to lock and unlock using an app – is currently nearing the end of its highly successful crowdfunding effort, having raised more than US$1,900,000 ... some 3,800 percent of its $50,000 target.

Delsey will be hoping to achieve similar success with Pluggage, however with the product still in the prototype stages, there’s no info on pricing or availability just yet. Check out the video below for a closer look at the prototype bag.

Source: Delsey

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