Some people find it a hassle to ride around with a bicycle lock, which is why firms like Interlock offer products such as a seatpost that doubles up as a bike lock. Its latest offering, the Denny Handlebar Lock, is a handlebar that pulls apart to function as a U-lock.

If the idea sounds familiar, that's because though this universal version of the Denny Handlebar Lock was just unveiled at Interbike in Las Vegas, it was originally designed by the Teague design firm in Seattle especially for the Denny.

The lock is made from steel and when pulled apart, one section to which the brake levers are attached remains on the bike's handlebar stem. The rest can be used to secure the bike to a railing or bike rack just like a regular U-lock.

A company rep told Gizmag that pricing is yet to be determined, but that the Denny Handlebar Lock should be available by next summer (Northern Hemisphere).

Source: Interlock

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