Striking, stylish camping trailers are all the rage right now, as the teardrop renaissance continues and unique trailers like the Lume Traveler and Airstream Nest burst forth onto the scene. The latest among these light, youthful tow-alongs is the Dethleffs Coco, a trailer that was but a concept just a year ago and has now matured into a fun, curvy base camp for adventurous couples. The Coco is currently serving as the basis of a forward-thinking electrified concept caravan, but the standard production version is pretty cool, too.

Dethleffs showed the Coco as a lightweight design study at last year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, where it appeared alongside the buzz-worthy E.Home electric motorhome. We checked out the production Coco at this year's Düsseldorf show and found that it follows the design of the concept quite closely – which is a very good thing.

An exploration of modern styling as much as lightweight construction, the Coco blends cues from teardrop and breadbox trailers to create something a little different. It's what happens when the big, rounded front of a teardrop doesn't drop and instead extends along a level plane back to the vertical rear wall. The resulting structure manages to be visually impactful while supporting large, practical dimensions.

The Coco's interior benefits greatly from the high, boxy shell, offering a long, open floor plan that stretches back to a U-shaped couch that converts into a bed for two. That open interior is flooded with light thanks to the numerous windows, including a row of skylights that ends in a long, arching window on the rounded caravan nose.

A small bistro table can be set up like a breakfast nook between the rear sofa and entrance, or in the kitchen as extra worktop. That front kitchen includes a dual-burner stove, sink and slim, full-height 142-L refrigerator.

Dethleffs has even managed to squeeze in a front-corner washroom with toilet and fold-down sink. The faucet head can also be stretched out the bathroom window and used as an outdoor shower.

The production Coco is heavier than last year's concept but still manages to tow lightly thanks to a curb weight of just 708 kg (1,561 lb). It rides on a weight-optimized chassis that can carry a total weight of up to 900 kg (1,984 lb).

The Coco bases in at €18,799 (approx. US$21,930), but many of the features described, including the 142-L fridge, retractable indoor/outdoor bathroom faucet and skylight array, are part of the Lounge package, which bumps the total price up to €22,298 (US$26,000). Other Lounge package equipment includes a beefier 1,100-kg-rated (2,425-lb) chassis, upsized 44-L fresh water tank (20-L tank standard) and hot water heater. The large wraparound awning shown in some of the photos is available as a separate upgrade.

Source: Dethleffs (German)

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