The drive-in movie theater may be a thing of the past, but German camper manufacturer Dethleffs recently made a play to bring it back ... with a twist. You could call it the drive-up movie theater. Dethleffs calls it the Mini Movie Campy, a home theater packed neatly into a small camping trailer.

Clearly designed more for novelty than any real-world need or application, the Mini Movie Campy was one of the more interesting small campers at the recent Dusseldorf Caravan Salon. Dethleffs makes the most of the space inside the 12.2-foot-long (3.72-m) camper, transforming it into a cozy, fully equipped home theater focused around a 3D television with surround sound system.

The camper-theater includes seven theater-style seats, black wall paneling, and its own integrated "refreshments stand" with popcorn maker and drinks refrigerator. To keep guests comfortable during hot summer showings, it includes an air conditioning system. As a finishing touch, there's a curtain that opens and closes over top the TV screen.

The Mini Movie Campy clearly isn't a good design for actual camping (unless it's being towed by an RV) but it's certainly an interesting idea for summer movie nights in the great outdoors. Gather your six closest friends, head out to a park, beach or other scenic location, and enjoy a movie screening in the scenic outdoors.

We don't anticipate that Dethleffs will turn the Mini Movie Campy into a production model, but the design could definitely serve as motivation for DIY movie buffs.

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