The 2015 Detroit NAIAS Auto Show happened at a slightly awkward time, with crashing oil prices and corresponding low fuel costs taking the edge off consumers' desire for efficient and green car options. Still, there were plenty of fuel cell, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on show, as well as a cavalcade of giant American trucks and several truly stunning sports and supercar launches.

Gizmag's Scott Collie and Loz Blain were kids in an all-singing, all-dancing candy store.

Audi's Q7 SUV features stunning new connectivity features, and an optional "3D sound" system that would frankly blow away most cinema audio systems (Photo: Gizmag/Loz Blain)

Mercedes brought its F015 autonomous concept vehicle across from CES. Its future-smooth lines and conference-style rotating front seats show the company's vision for a social driving experience once the cars are doing the driving for you (Photo: Gizmag/Loz Blain)

Chevrolet unveiled its Bolt concept - a geeky electric with a 200-mile range and a target price tag of US$30,000. Alas, it's just a concept. (Photo: Gizmag/Loz Blain)

Ford's stunning GT supercar was a spectacular highlight of the show (Photo: Gizmag/Loz Blain)

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