While some surfers might trundle down to the beach in an old VW bus, some prefer a two-wheeled approach. Custom motorbike brand Deus ex Machine is clearly in the latter camp, having recently transformed a 1970s Honda Super Cub into a board-carrying commuter called the Sea Sider.

A 1974 Honda C70 scooter/motorcycle was the original machine sacrificed to surf, with the engine from a 1995 Honda Astra installed to provide a bit more reliable power while also offering electric start.

With a bicycle-like theme, rather than a motorbike vibe, in mind, the Sea Sider's builders sprinkled liberal vintage pushbike components onto the frame, including the handlebars, front light and front basket. In an effort to lighten the load, the frame was also stripped of unnecessary parts.

The original bike's exhaust was whisked away and replaced with a hand-made flavor, custom seating added and rims imported from Japan. But of course the stand-out feature of the Sea Sider is the hand-made surfboard rack to the left of the custom bike. The two roughly question mark-shaped supports can be bolted to the bike's frame, or the two wheeler can ride without them.

The surfboard looks to be secured to the supports during transit, but there's no word on how the add-on affects the ride itself – catching a side wind could be just as exhilarating, and dangerous, as catching a wave. And then there's the question of balance.

Still, the Sea Sider is quite an eye-pleaser, and does look like fun. It's currently on display at the "Temple of Enthusiasm" showroom at Deus Canggu in Indonesia, but if you can't make it in person be sure to check out the photos in the gallery.

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