China's consumer electronics manufacturer Dexim has announced the release of a multi-functional power case to complement the new iPod Nano 5G. Coming with a powerful flashlight to help shoot video in low light conditions, a built-in speaker for desktop listening and an antenna for improved FM radio reception, the DVA004 will also gives extended play courtesy of its lithium battery pack.

Named an International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for three of its existing products in November last year, Dexim launched the DVA004 Power Case at this year's CES trade show in Las Vegas. Created with Apple's iPod Nano 5G specifically in mind, the DVA004 aims to enhance some of the features of the iconic music player and help to protect it from damage.

The 5G has a claimed battery life of 24 hours music playback or 5 hours video. The DVA004's own 600mAh polymer lithium battery should extend that somewhat while the strong plastic case into which the 5G slides will no doubt help shield it from day to day bumps and thumps. The Power Case should also keep all those greasy finger marks from clouding the camera lens and the powerful LED (which also doubles as a flash when in camera mode) could just mean the difference between successfully capturing those special moments in low light conditions or missing them completely.

The 5G won't need to be removed from the case for charging or synching with iTunes either thanks to a mini USB connection on the side of the 102 by 42 by 12 mm device. Apple's player already has a built in speaker but doesn't lend itself to the sharing of tunes from the radio, seeing as the headphones act as the antenna. The DVA004 doesn't just include a built in "high quality speaker" but also an extendable FM antenna for improved radio reception. Angular desktop enjoyment is also catered for in the form of a handy kick stand.

The Power Case will be available from April, initially via Brookstone, for US$39.95 (not US$49.95 as quoted elsewhere). Dexim told Gizmag that other models in the iPod range could get Power Case support in the future, no doubt depending on how well the DVA004 is received.

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