Waterproof cases for cameras are not a particularly new idea but a new range of waterproof bags from Korean company Dicapac, may make you look twice. The covers are suitable for most portable electronic equipment, including your digital camera, camcorder, cell phone and MP3 player. They are transparent, flexible and some covers are waterproof up to 33ft (10 meters). Many also contain a UV coated optical lens – made from the same plastic material as aircraft windows – making them durable, scratch resistant and super clear. The good news? Unlike some other waterproof cases, they are surprisingly affordable. So you can stop worrying about water damage from splashing, rain or snow and focus on taking the perfect photograph.

The polycarbonate lens on some models is virtually unbreakable and provides three layers of protection from UV rays, scratching and water. You can even use your camera’s flash as the lens is shaped like a tube to assist in producing high-definition results.

The vinyl bags come in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of electronic equipment. They are ideal for taking on a hiking or skiing trip as they also help to protect your equipment against dust and dirt. The bags are kept watertight by the use of double Velcro fastenings. The cases are both flexible and transparent so they are perfect for using with folding cell phones and MP3 players.

There are a number of options in the Dicapack digital camera series of cases. Some are waterproof to 16ft and have a polycarbonate lens. Others have a removable optical lens with diffused reflection prevention. The cases are made of non-toxic materials and the roll and Velcro zipper system allows the user to operate the camera to its full functionality. The case also floats if dropped in water. To use, you open the mouth of the case, insert the camera, zip and press the case. The two Velcro pieces are then fastened. It is important to remove the camera in a downward position.

The mobile pack for cell phones is waterproof to 16ft (five meters) and you can make and receive calls through the transparent case. There’s a choice of two cases for folder or slide cell phones and it’s a great option for the beach.

Like the mobile pack, the MP3 pack is waterproof to 16ft and its transparent window allows you to see the LCD clearly. It includes a Haptic respond vibration waterproof earphone, an armband and neck strap - making it easy to carry.

Other packs include one specifically made for the Sony PSP, a radio pack and a multi-pack that has a neck strap and is handy for carrying your electronics and other belongings safely.

Prices range from USD34.95 for a digital point and shoot zoom lens camera up to USD149 for a SLR/DSLR case. iPod cases are USD59.95 and cell phone cases start at USD29.95. See Dicapac USA for retailers and model/dimension information.

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