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Digital imaging on brick walls

Digital imaging on brick walls
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March 29, 2007 The digital tools available to designers, architects and home decorators continue to grow by the day. Nowadays you can apply digital images to carpet, tiles, curtains, wall surfaces and even complex shapes such as cars, but until now, you couldn’t render a digital image onto brick. Digital printing pioneers VgL have developed a new textured wall film that is heat applied directly to brick work (internal, external, painted or unpainted) and takes on the surface texture of the surface its applied to.

UK-based Surface View was recently launched by VgL with a view to becoming the go-to-guys for the use of digital printing for interior decorating.

Surface View provide access to a range of high-end imagery and create high quality bespoke murals to suit any environment. Surface View combines technology and creativity to open up the possibilities of bespoke murals for interiors.

The initial selection of images include collections from the V&A, Wayne Hemingway and naturalist photographer Nic Miller. Each collection has been selected and re mastered to ensure the highest quality reproduction at even the largest sizes.

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