Digitsole is an interactive insole for your shoe, capable of performing three functions your run-of-the-mill insole would struggle with. It can warm your feet, track how many steps you take, and guesstimate how many calories you have burned. All functions are controlled via an accompanying smartphone app – available for iOS or Android, with Windows Phone on the way – connected via Bluetooth 4.0.

Digitsole is, first and foremost, a functional set of insoles. So, the heel features a cushion designed to lessen the shock associated with walking and running, the toes feature a flexible section designed to aid movement, and there is additional support in the arches to help with balance and posture. Each insole comprises three layers of material: Neotech, Poron TX3, and PU soft-touch microfiber, all of which are pressed together to form the finished product.

Digitsole can be used in "just about any shoe," meaning you technically only need one pair which can then be swapped between your various pairs of shoes. They're water-resistant, and feature a rechargeable battery which lasts around 7-8 hours on a single USB charge if used constantly.

In terms of warming your feet, each Digitsole can be adjusted independently via the app, meaning you can keep one foot warmer than the other. Why you would want to do this is a legitimate question to which we don't know the answer. Regardless, once the temperature is set, a built-in thermostat keeps your feet at that temperature until told otherwise.

Like the FootLogger insoles, Digitsole also acts as a pedometer, counting the number of steps taken. Using this data, while also figuring in your current height and weight, the app is capable of working out how many calories you have burned on any given day.

The product is currently being funded through Kickstarter, with a pledge of US$149 being rewarded with one pair of the insoles (available in a range of different sizes) plus the accompanying app – assuming Digitsole reaches production.

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