German agency Dittel | Architekten has created a clever new structure for temporary retail spaces. The Pop Up Box is a large cube that can be placed in any empty public space. Its constituent sections can then be wheeled apart to animate the location with with a unenclosed shop.

According to Dittel | Architekten, the concept was designed to be flexible in terms of space, time and usage, as well as to be self-contained. The firm also wanted the design to take into account the host space and to accommodate a wide variety of potential presentation contents.

The system is a kind of self-contained room-in-a-room, with a walnut finish. When it's not in use and its parts pushed together, the unit covers an area of 9 sq m (97 sq ft). When in use, the sections can be spread as far apart as space allows.

Inside, the Pop Up Box contains a flexible shopfitting that allows display units and products to be presented in different ways. There are also two screens on the outside walls for digital presentations and spotlights can be mounted on the ceiling trim of the unit. The sections of the unit are powered by floor boxes, while integrated batteries are charged overnight.

There are two Pop Up Boxes in use now at Stuttgart’s Gerber Shopping Centre.

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