Augmented reality has proven useful for first responders and retailers, but the technology has huge potential for gamers and drone pilots as well. Using the DJI software development kit, the team at Edgybees has created the first augmented reality game for DJI's drones, giving pilots the chance to improve their skills in a new, more immersive way.

DronePrix AR isn't overly complicated. Users pilot their drone through a virtual obstacle course and try to collect prizes along the way. Once they've completed the course, players are able to compare their scores on a worldwide leaderboard – after all, what good is gaming if you can't brag to the person you just beat.

There are a range of game modes, from solo slalom to a special flight assistant, which helps the pilot work their way through a 3D space as they try to collect special coins and prizes. The app includes more than 30 different obstacle courses, designed to challenge pilots with differing skill levels.

"In contrast with flight simulators, Drone Prix AR provides a much more immersive experience that combines virtual obstacles with real-life piloting skills," says Menashe Haskin, Edgybees CTO & Co-Founder.

The app itself is fairly simple. Once it's dowloaded and the drone, controller and app are powered up, the user is able to see the view from the drone's camera on their phone, select a course and start playing.

The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store, and it's fully compatible with Phantom 3, Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro drones.

The video below gives a preview of the AR action.

Source: DJI

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