Dodge set the internet alight with the Challenger SRT Demon earlier this year, but it's been busy working on other projects as well. It doesn't get the full gamut of drag-ready features from the Demon, but the new Hellcat Widebody borrows from its unhinged big brother to deliver more grip and a meaner, more imposing stance.

From the outside, the Hellcat Widebody instantly looks more aggressive than the regular car, thanks largely to a new fender flare kit and fresh 20 x 11 inch wheels. They're wrapped in wider 305 section Pirelli P-Zero tires, designed to make it easier to deploy the engine's 707 hp (527 kW) off the line. Don't worry though, it'll still rip massive burnouts on demand.

These changes, coupled with a new set of Brembo brakes, bring some handy performance increases to the Hellcat. Dodge says the new car is around two second per lap faster than the old car on a 1.7-mile (2.7-km) road course, and 0.3 seconds faster over the quarter mile. It also hits 60 mph (98 km/h) 0.1 seconds faster than the regular car, and offers 0.04g more grip on a skidpan.

Although the Widebody makes the same 707 hp as the standard Hellcat, the supercharged V8 has been treated to a few choice upgrades designed for track work. A new supercharger cooling system helps keep the engine cool under extreme duress, to the point where Dodge says owners will be able to run flat out for more than 20 minutes in 100° F (38° C) heat without any loss of power or heat soak.

Revised electric power steering should also help on the track. The new setup can be tweaked through Street, Sport and Track modes, and is tuned to be lighter at parking speeds before delivering better feel as the speed rises. Although these cars are mostly about insane straight line performance, improving the way it handles the corners can only be a good thing.

Launched alongside the Widebody Hellcat was a new SRT package for the Durango SUV. Owners who can't stretch to the V8 SRT Durango can now get the SRT bodykit and vented bonnet on their cars, even if they're just an entry-level V6.

Pricing for the Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody will start at US$71,495. It will arrive in dealers during Q3 this year, but order books open in July.

Check out the video below for a look at the SRT Challenger Hellcat Widebody in action.

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