Wondering why your mutt is gaining weight and your pet food bill is going through the roof – even though you’re regularly feeding the dog what you always have? Could it be that someone else in your household is feeding your pet, too, or forgetting to walk your canine pal. And when was the last time your dog had its flea or heart medication? A new, easy-to-use three-button device called the Dog-e-Minder should help solve some of these problems. It attaches to your pet’s collar and shows the last time your dog was fed, walked or had its medication. When idle, the Dog-e-Minder works as a backlit identification tag.

The unit has three buttons, each with a symbol related to an activity. The “fire hydrant” denotes walk time, the “dog bone” equals feeding time and the “RX” symbol records the last time medication was administered. After you perform any of these activities, hold the corresponding button down for three seconds and the current date and time is saved. To view stored information, press the appropriate button once, and the display shows the last time the task was completed.

Florida-based Dog-e-Minder LLC says the product is great to use as a training aide or as a reminder for busy pet-owners, multi-pet homes and pet-sitters/walkers.

Deploying this device will see an end to the days when your pet could trick you with those looks of “I haven’t eaten in days”, or “when are we going for that walk you promised?” And that old favorite: “No, really, I’ve already swallowed a pill today.”

Dog-e-Minder is also ideal for pets left with family and friends while you’re away on holidays or business, especially if you have more than one pet with different dietary or medication requirements.

A business and family man, Dog-e-Minder co-founder Yair Shalev, designed this product with the busy dog-owner in mind, and knows first-hand just how challenging it can be to keep things orderly at a time when people are doing more with a lot less.

“My family and I are big-time dog people. We love our dogs, but we’re also really busy, all of the time,” said Shalev. “Sometimes we all need a little help in making sure things stay on track. The Dog-e-Minder is the perfect assistant and reminder 'tool' to make sure our four-legged family members, who rely on us the most, are being taken care of – no questions asked.”

Lightweight, waterproof and durable, the Dog-e-Minder is designed to endure most environments from ball-play to swimming and can attach to a key chain for easier access.

The Dog-e-Minder comes with a battery and is available in four colors (black, blue, pink and red) for US$19.95. Currently, purchasers can grab two for the price of one from the website.

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