Taiwan's Dosun Solar Technology has added a flashing LED bike pedal to its range of safety lighting gadgets. As well as sporting the familiar orange reflective plastic strips on the front and back, each outer corner of the J-1 Pedal Light holds four bright LEDs which start to flash when the rider begins to pedal.

Cycling is not without it's danger at the best of times but at night, the importance of being visible to others could mean the difference between arriving safely at a destination or a whole world of pain. Dosun Solar Technology thinks its J-1 Pedal Light will help improve cyclist road safety by increasing a rider's road presence, by day or at night.

Four bright red LEDs are contained within a red plastic cover that sits just inside the outer corners of each pedal. As the rider starts to pedal, a built-in micro generator converts this motion into energy which in turn lights up the LEDs. So there's no need to worry about batteries running out just when you need them most.

The company states that after 30 seconds of pedaling, the J-1's capacitor should have enough energy stored in it for 90 seconds of flashing light, continuing to make the rider's presence known to other road users even when stopped at traffic lights or junctions.

The Pedal Light is made from durable aluminum alloy and chromium molybdenum steel, weighs 450g per set and measures 95 x 70 x 27mm per pedal.

Information on price and availability can be found on the product website.

Short product presentation below:

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