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Dream Factory for positive dream outcomes

Dream Factory for positive dream outcomes
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Takara, the company which invented the bowlingual dog and meowlingual cat translation devices, is not afraid of unusual concepts and the odd bit of artistic license with its claims.

This time the company has announced a 'Dream Factory', designed to be played during sleep and designed to positively reinforce goals and outcomes using taped audio, music, lights and aromatherapy.

Prior to going to bed, the user of the Dream Factory has a small ceremony to perform which involves visualizing the dream or desired outcome and recording some audio to support the attainment of the dream.

The machine is designed to stimulate the user when their mind is most open to autosuggestion during the state of rapid eye movement (REM).

The machine is also designed to wake the user gradually to ensure greater retention of the programming and so the user can remember the dreams of the previous evening.

The Dream Factory will go on sale in May at around AUD$180

After eight hours, it wakes them up gradually with music and lights that simulate sunlight, avoiding any shock that could destroy fragile memories.

Unlike the dog and cat translators, the Dream Factory seems to be based on more traditional and recognized technologies.

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