Ghost X actioncam is big on battery life, small on price

Ghost X actioncam is big on ba...
The $130 Ghost X reportedly runs for five hours on one charge
The $130 Ghost X reportedly runs for five hours on one charge
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The $130 Ghost X reportedly runs for five hours on one charge
The $130 Ghost X reportedly runs for five hours on one charge

Back when GoPro was first making its name in the actioncam game, one of its main competitors was Britain's Drift Innovation. Now, the company is set to release its latest offering, the budget-friendly and long-running Ghost X.

Available now for preorder, the Ghost X shoots 1080p/30fps video along with 12MP stills, recording everything on a user-supplied MicroSD card of up to 128GB. Like previous Ghost models, it features Drift's trademark rotating lens – this allows users to mount the camera at whatever angle is convenient, then simply swivel the lens to straighten out the shot.

In order to see that shot, however, they'll need to take advantage of the camera's Wi-Fi connectivity. The Ghost X doesn't have its own viewfinder, but its shots can be previewed and reviewed via the iOS/Android Drift Life app, which also allows for full remote control of the camera (including manual ISO control) using a smartphone.

Claimed battery life when shooting at the full 1080p is an impressive five hours, although this can be boosted to eight hours by installing the optional Long-Life battery module. There's also a USB audio adapter for plugging in an external mic, along with an Instant-On feature in which pressing a single button both powers the camera up and starts it recording.

Besides shooting regular video, the Ghost X is additionally capable of recording in timelapse and photoburst modes. It also has a Car DVR loop recording mode, in which it continuously records and overwrites footage, plus a Video Tagging mode that allows users to save video retroactively by hitting the record button after an event that they want to capture.

If you're interested in getting a Ghost X, it can be ordered via the link below at a price of US$130/£130/€150. Delivery is expected for the middle of this month. And if you like its features but you've just gotta have 4K, Drift does also already offer the Ghost 4K, priced at $299.

Source: Drift Innovation

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Martin Hone
Is it still using the 170 degree wide lense ?