As one of the world's top tourist destinations, there is no shortage of snaps showing Barcelona from all kinds of angles. But few, if any, do so with the jaw-dropping elegance of this photo set from drone photographer Márton Mogyorósy that are carefully crafted to showcase the unique geometry of the Catalonian capital from the air.

As we continue to see, drone photography has emerged as a genuine art form in its own right, granting us perspectives of our environment that weren't possible all that long ago. From animals in action to spectacular scenery to the stark contrast created by slums in urban centers, the images created by hoisting these flying robots with their increasingly capable cameras into the air are only becoming more compelling, and their creators more astute at seeking out the best possible angles.

That is certainly true of Hungary-based photographer Mogyorósy, who turned his lens to the spectacular shapes of the Barcelona's buildings, shorelines and sea.

Simply called "Barcelona from Above," the series includes stunning imagery showing the orderly parking jobs of yachts in the marina, the thin and narrow streets of its beachside suburbs and the renowned Walden 7 by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, a unique mixed-use development on the site of a former concrete factory.

"With this vision of the Catalonian capital, we're able to gain a new appreciation for the smaller building blocks of the urban fabric," writes Mogyorósy."

To see all of the images making up Barcelona from Above, check out the gallery.

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