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'Dryer Box' salvages water-damaged mobile phones

'Dryer Box' salvages water-damaged mobile phones
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For any unfortunate mobile users whose phone goes kaput due to water damage, there's now a new machine designed to suck moisture right out of your phone – if you live in Japan, that is. JMC Risk Solutions has installed a number of new 'Dryer Boxes' in selected Yodobashi Camera shops around Tokyo for those whose phones get caught out in the rain.

Just pop your water-damaged phone inside the device and after 30 minutes it should be fixed. Of course a fix of this variety can't be guaranteed, so the customer is only charged if the repair attempt is successful. The cost is 1000 yen, or about just under US$12. If it doesn't work, there's no charge.

While the company doesn't reveal exactly how the device works, it should be a great solution for anyone in need of a quick fix for their water-logged phone. iPhone owners turned away from the Genius Bar (Apple's warranty doesn't cover water damage) might seek out a Dryer Box as a way to save a drowning iPhone.

Users willing to wait a day or two might try putting their mobile phone into a bag of rice for a while. Again not a guaranteed fix, though it's worth a try. But should you need your phone fixed a little quicker, you might try seeking out a Dryer Box.

Ideally you'd like to avoid getting your phone wet in the first place, so if you'd prefer some preemptive measures try picking up one of the waterproof bags from DiCAPac that we featured earlier this year.

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Bob Ehresman
Dry off your phone, remove the battery, and immerse it in a bowl of uncooked rice. Bake it in the oven on \"warm\" for 4 hours. Or otherwise expose it to dry heat between 100 and 140 degrees F.
William H Lanteigne
If the device is sucking the moisture out that quickly, it must be something that reduces humidity inside the box to near zero, like a dehumidifier.
I would bet it is a vacuum oven.