Buy your own Tron Lightcycle: US$35,000

Buy your own Tron Lightcycle: US$35,000
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The lightcycle scene was probably the most memorable part of an absolutely jaw-dropping movie when Tron was released back in 1982. One of the first films ever to use the kinds of computer-generated special effects that later become commonplace, it was a glimpse into a whole new world that left an indelible impression on most that saw it. Now, as Disney prepares to release Tron Legacy, a sequel some 28 years after the original, the lightcycles are back and looking meaner than ever. Built by the same guys that did the memorable Batpod replica, the new lightcycles feature massive dual hubless wheels, carbon fiber/fiberglass bodies and all the lashings of neon that you'd expect. And there's going to be five running models built - all of which are now up for sale on eBay. Check it out!

The lightcycles are to be built by Parker Brothers Choppers, each will be individually numbered from 001 to 005, and each will come with a different color neon highlight. Only five will ever be built.

Buyers can specify what size combustion engine they want, or use a high-powered electric motor to really get in the digital swing of things. Special tires are being made up to fit the enormous 22" x 12" hubless rims - and the manufacturer, Hoosier, will make additional tires available if you wear the originals out - because these lightcycles are being built for street use, not just to be shown.

They're selling for US$35,000 apiece, which is a bit of a steal for something so technically challenging to build - not to mention something that will cause extreme whiplash for the general public, and a stack of dry-cleaning bills for any geek that sees it.

See the eBay auction for more details.

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Lawrence Weisdorn
Talk about becoming one with the machine. Does each one have to be custom built, like a fitted suit, for the different body sizes?
Fernan Otero
para el borondo por la 7...
Facebook User
Who needs a kidney? I\'ll trade one for one of these.
I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I think you should give me one free so I can drive it around the UK for ya obviously I\'d do it at night, you just gotta love them Neons. I used to fantasise as a kid about having one of these bikes and now there a reality... well looks wise, but hey!
Namaste Ana
Is this bike road ready and can I actually ride it? If it is I\'ll take one. If not. $35,000 is a bit much to plunk down for a cool sculpture. I am not that rich.
But if it rides, it is cool enough for me to consider slapping down 35 grand in a snap.
Namaste Anna
James Kilgallon
Namaste Ana, Try actually reading the article before asking questions, hmmm?
Facebook User
Namaste Ana: You really need to read the description before you post because the fact that it\'s street legal was a MAJOR point in the article...
Facebook User
Oh mannnnnnn.. That is sweet! Lucky are those who manage to get the only 5 ever being built..
Daniel Plata Baca
This was made to be on LSD trught the city at night, listening to trance musique... am I correct?
What\'s the deal with all the super-fat tire movie motorcycles (remember the Judge Dredd bikes?) Not that it will stop me from seeing the movie I\'ve been waiting for for more then half my life, but I think a tall slim tire design would be cooler and more believable. Like the old lightcycles, but drop the front beach-ball tire.
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