Available in wired and wireless models the Eclipse litetouch Keyboard is a companion to the Eclipse Touch Mouse we covered earlier this year. Both wired and wireless versions have an interesting LCD 3-in-1 touch panel alongside the backlit scissor keys which, with a single press, switches between media mode, numerical pad and the customizable “MyEclipse” mode.

The touch panel gives users the ability to switch from the standard numerical keypad to media mode, which provides media center remote functionality, or MyEclipse mode, which lets users personalize the touch panel to access their favorite websites and applications with a single button press. In MyEclipse mode users can choose from 12 pre-defined icons for topics such as shopping, finance, health and entertainment, which can be assigned to your chosen website, application or game. You can even assign three websites and an application to each icon, all of which will open simultaneously.

Additionally, five numbered buttons allows users to select a subject not already covered in the pre-defined icons by dragging and dropping their selections.


The wireless 2.4GHz litetouch keyboard has an added feature of an integrated 360° trackball with left and right mouse buttons, meaning you won’t need a separate mouse when you’re surfing the net from your sofa or just away from your desk.

The low profile backlit scissor keys incorporate intelligent power control which, the manufacturers say, reduces eye strain, extends battery life and allows you to operate in a dimmed environment.

The Eclipse litetouch wired and wireless keyboards are available soon from GameShark stores for US$99.99 (wired) and US$129.99 (wireless).

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