While Mother Nature would definitely applaud your use of reusable beverage containers instead of merely recyclable ones (or worst yet, disposable ones), there are some situations in which you don't want to be toting that coffee flask you bought at Starbucks. When you're out hiking or biking, for instance, it would be nice to have something that stays sealed when dumped into a bag, and that's compact enough that it doesn't take up a lot of space. Really, what would fit the bill nicely is a canned drink, but that's in a reusable container ... enter the Eco Can. Not only is it reusable, but when the time comes, it's also 100 percent biodegradable.

The Eco Can holds 280 ml of hot or cold liquid, and attempts to keep it at that temperature as long as possible via its thermal double wall construction. The top of the container unscrews for adding liquids and for cleaning, while a very can-like pull tab reveals a "sipping port," just like those on regular beverage-to-go cups.

The container is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Technically speaking, it's debatable as to whether or not the Eco Can actually qualifies as a can. Although it looks like one, it's made from biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) plastic. PLA is derived from renewable resources, which can include corn starch, tapioca products, or sugar cane. As is the case with the new PLA Sun Chips bag, when placed in a landfill, it should theoretically break down into carbon dioxide and water.

The Eco Can comes in four colors, and is available online at Firebox for about US$21, plus shipping.