Most of us use a washing machine to do our laundry, instead of washing it by hand. Well, effie is an ironing machine. According to its UK-based creators, you just hang damp clothes up in it – straight from the washer – and they come out dried, pressed and wrinkle-free.

You can put up to 12 items of clothing in the device, hanging them up on special adjustable hangers. There's no need to sort the clothing, and materials such as polyester, cotton, silk, viscose and denim can all be handled.

After you press the Start button, those clothes are pulled inside effie, where a pressing system contacts the fabric in order to dry it and smooth out the wrinkles. It takes approximately three minutes to iron each item.

In the case of delicate items, the device can simply steam them without touching them. The water comes from a removable/refillable reservoir, so effie doesn't have to be hooked up to the household plumbing system. In fact, it has wheels, so it can just be rolled off into a corner when not in use.

Plans call for effie to be available for preorder starting next March. The early bird price will be £699 (about US$913).

You can see it in use, in the following video.

Source: effie