The Eiffel Tower has undergone a little work in recent years, including a first floor renovation and the addition of some wind turbines, but now the land surrounding the iconic building will receive a makeover too. The first phase of the landscaping project is due to be completed in 2023, well in time for the city's 2024 Summer Olympics.

London-based Gustafson Porter + Bowman got the nod for the €40 million (roughly US$44 million) landscaping project, dubbed OnE, following a competition by city officials which had 42 entries. It will take up an area of 54 hectares (133 acres).

The firm plans to address the overcrowding that comes from 30 million people visiting the site each year, while improving its accessibility and services. It will also offer a more unified and easily navigated landscape.

Other planned additions include a playground, multiple parks, cycle paths, an amphitheater, promenade, shops, restaurants and an overall focus on pedestrianizing much of the area, while improving traffic management where cars are allowed.

"One thus evokes the union of two historic landscape typologies: classical French gardens, characterized by major axes that express power; and French picturesque gardens, as places of artistic experimentation," says Gustafson Porter + Bowman. "In this urban landscape, green routes and gardens reserved for creative pursuits frame and soften the central axis. These 'corridors' and 'glades' introduce biodiversity, as well as areas for hosting temporary events. such as musical performances and sculpture exhibitions. Thus, One compresses into one word the idea and ideal of a unified space."

The project also involves Chartier Corbasson Architects, Atelier Monchecourt & Co, Sathy, MA-Geo, and more.

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