Some people sure like their Keurig coffee brewers, although the things are a major steps backwards, environmentally-speaking – for every cup of java that's made, another coffee mix-containing "K-Cup" is used and disposed of. Ekobrew's Stainless Steel Elite K-Cup, however, can be refilled with ground coffee and used over and over.

The basic plastic Ekobrew reusable K-Cup has actually been around for a few years, and in fact Keurig even sells its own "My K-Cup," although that model requires users to remove part of the brewer every time they use it. The Ekobrew, on the other hand, simply sits in the same space that would ordinarily be occupied by a disposable K-Cup.

The new stainless steel version features a silicone O-ring seal, heat-resistant grips, a water dispersion cone, and a heavy-duty piano-style hinge.

Besides its being eco-friendly, the company also claims that users will save money by not having to buy one of the regular K-Cups for every individual serving of coffee. It's priced at approximately US$24.

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