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Electric Cooled and Heated Seat Cushion

Electric Cooled and Heated Sea...
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April 13, 2006 Recent advancements in thermo-electric technology have made possible a seat heating and cooling cushion and it’s just coming to market in the United States. Our understanding is that seat cooling cushions have been available for a short time through accessory shops, but this new cushion heats and cools. The Cool-or-Heat seat cushion easily installs on top of any seat and obviously works great on any vehicle seat on a hot day powered by the 12-volt DC vehicle lighter adaptor, but also can be used on an office chair, home lounger, and even outside on the patio – anywhere there’s an AC wall outlet.

The Cool-or-Heat Seat Cushion is a complete personal cooling and heating system that easily installs on top of any seat. Each package includes a thermo-electric power unit/pump, a foam-padded seat cushion with soft rubber tubing inside that circulates the cooled or heated liquid, a 12-volt DC vehicle lighter adaptor, and an AC home wall outlet adaptor.

The suggested list price of the Cool-or-Heat Seat Cushion is US$120.

Cool or Heat, LLC has obtained the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the patent-protected product throughout North America.

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1 comment
1 comment
I might want to buy this electric cooled and heated seat cushion for my semi-truck. It doesn't look like Cool or Heat, LLC is offering it. Also there are some bad reviews posted by some customers. How do I actually buy one?