You never know when you'll be walking down the street and want to bust out a few sweet beats. This Electronic Drum machine shirt lets you bring a drum machine with you wherever you go, and create and layer beats on the fly.

The shirt has nine different drum kits built-in, including Rock drums, Techno Punk drums, Classic Jazz drums, and Scratchy drums. Drums can be played and looped by tapping the drum pads and controls on the front of the shirt, and loops can be recorded up to three minutes in length. You can mix-and-match drums from different kits in the same loops, and even play all seven at once if you're feeling really adventurous.

The shirt comes with a volume-adjustable amp box to attach to your belt, so you can share the beats you create with those nearby. The amp box, and the drum pads are also removable from the shirt in case you need to leave the drums at home, or do some laundry.

The Electronic Drum Machine shirt certainly isn't the first musical shirt we've seen, but it's definitely pretty interesting. ThinkGeek also sells a playable rock shirt with a guitar on it, as well as one with a single drum kit on the front.

The Electronic Drum Machine shirt is available now from ThinkGeek, for US$29.99.

Curious what the shirt sounds like? ThinkGeek recently gave DJ MC Lars one of the shirts to test out. Check out the video below to see what a real DJ could make happen with the virtual drum machine.

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