• Way back in January 2021, at the NAMM trade expo, Korg offered a brief sneak preview of a powerful new analog/digital drum machine, and then all went quiet. Now the "three-fold hybrid" Drumlogue has finally gone up for pre-order.
  • Roland has been pounding out electronic drums for decades, most recently going for a traditional kit look and feel. The latest V-Drums release is claimed to offer "the finest electronic drumming experience in its class."
  • Created as a visual element for stage performances, the latest project from Love Hultén is an audiovisual sculpture called Slagwerk-101 – a set of percussion instruments driven by MIDI-controlled solenoids.
  • One of the downsides of playing drums in a band is having to haul a kit around. Full acoustic kits are awkward to carry and take up lots of space in the van. The Drum Roller has been designed to help.
  • If you haven't seen the choreographed Japanese drumming known as Taiko, then you're missing out. It's loud, dynamic and fast-paced fun. Roland is looking to capture some of that traditional fire and bring it to modern percussionists with the Taiko-1.
  • Roland has been in the electronic drum business for a good many years, and most kits released have had a skeletal look compared to their traditional counterparts. Now the company has launched a line of V-Drums that rock a classic acoustic kit vibe.
  • ​Cardboard is generally used as packaging, to house new instruments during transit for example. But we've seen a number of gear innovations actually built using cardboard over the years, and the latest to join the cardboard band is the Beatbox, a MIDI drum machine built into cardboard housing.​
  • Redison hit Kickstarter in 2017 with connected sensors that gave drum sticks a voice of their own. And now it's hoping for a repeat of that crowdfunding success with the Senspad, which wirelessly connects to a smartphone running an app that puts a kit at your disposal.​
  • ​Signal Snowboards notes the integral role that music plays in boarding, and has previously demonstrated its love for mixing the two in cardboard with a snowboard and a Stratocaster guitar fashioned from the packaging material. Now the company has made a working drum kit using cardboard.​
  • ​Around this time last year, Italy's IK Multimedia unveiled its first hardware synthesizer, the UNO Synth. Now the company has added another member to the family with the launch of the UNO Drum.​
  • An innovative percussion instrument has launched on Kickstarter which kind of puts a full drum kit on your chest. The KeyTam features a main drum where the head tension can be adjusted in real time using a lever on a wooden handle, and a number of mini cymbals for tambourine-like accompaniment.
  • ​Music hardware maker Alesis has announced a new multi-tool for solo beatmakers, producers and kit-packing drummers. As well as performing electronic percussion duties, the Strike MultiPad can sample, edit and loop sounds and be used as an audio interface.​
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