Further proof that there's almost always "an app for that," Elvie is a personal fitness aid that works with an accompanying app to provide women with real-time guidance and tracking of pelvic floor exercises.

The pelvic floor muscles sit between the tailbone and pubic bone. Pelvic floor, or Kegel exercises, help to strengthen these muscles and, in turn, can contribute to better core, back ab strength, and even better sex. They are particularly useful for preventing or recovering from damage caused by pregnancy, childbirth, aging and impact sports.

Elvie is designed to help track Kegel exercises and provide guidance on how to improve them. It isn't actually the first device of its kind. Sexual health product designer Minna announced the kgoal earlier this year and the success of its Kickstarter campaign shows that there's a definite demand for ways to improve Kegel exercise training.

Like the kgoal, Elvie comprises a smartphone app and an accompanying "wearable" device. The Elvie device is "a small pebble shaped pod that you place inside just like a tampon" and has a "tail" that rests outside and helps to keep the pod in place. The pod contains a force sensor to monitor the muscle performance during pelvic floor lifts and a motion sensor to monitor whether the exercises are being done correctly.

The pod connects to the accompanying app via Bluetooth and provides real-time feedback and guidance on the user's mobile device. This helps ensure that the exercises are being done properly and reduces doubt or uncertainty. In addition, the app allows users to track their performance over time, visualizing what progress has been made.

Elvie has a battery life of two months. It has a discrete case for storage in which it is charged wirelessly. According to developer Chairo, its seamless, smooth design makes it safe to use and easy to clean and it is available in two sizes.

Elvie can be pre-ordered for £95 (US$151), or £55 ($87) during November. Deliveries are expected to begin in March 2015.

The video below shows the story of Elvie.

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