We were blown way by the outrageous design and outrageous price of Modern Work Environment Lab's Emperor 200 Workstation when it first surfaced back in 2009. Since then a model that incorporates many of the same features while being somewhat closer to the means of mere mortals has come on the market - the Emperor 1510.

The Emperor 1510 has the same tilting, scorpion-like layout as its custom-built cousin, catering for up to three screens from 19-inch to 27-inch in various configurations (3 x 24-inch with a 16:9 ratio is the option on our wishlist, but note that the screens themselves, along with the computer, aren't included in the price of the 1510).

The curved tubular frame is made up of Canadian steel with integrated LED lighting and an adjustable keyboard tray and leg rest.

The Emperor will tilt backwards up to 15 degrees and independent seat adjustment ups this to a total of 25 degrees. All the cabling runs inside the frame to the computer housed beneath the seat, which helps to give this mega-workstation a clean finish.

Connectivity includes 3 x HDMI ports and 4 x USB ports beneath the armrest and an integrated Bose 2.1 sound system sees the bass speaker positioned underneath the seat with in-built controls, which include single-touch mute and a connection for a second audio source, positioned at the user's fingertips.

The Emperor 1510 comes pre-assembled at a cost of CAD6,400 (US$6,200) to Canadian residents, excluding shipping costs ... and chances are that the postman will struggle to slip this 325 lbs (147 kg) monster through your mail-slot.

The original, custom-built Emperor 200 model costs CAD46,150 (US$44,750).

Source: MWE Lab

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