With the increasing popularity of vehicles such as the Can-Am Spyder and Polaris Slingshot, it looks like "reverse trike"-style motorcycles definitely have more than a few fans. We've already seen one kit that lets you convert a Harley V-Rod into such a machine. The planned Endeavor Trike kit, however, will reportedly work on just about any make or model of bike.

Created by motorcyclist Norm Kokes, the kit incorporates a universal main frame that's mated to the user's existing motorcycle via an adapter cradle. The front of that cradle is always the same, as it's the part that's attached to the standard main frame. The back, however, is made specifically to fit onto the bike in question.

Along with acting as an adapter, the cradle also houses the radiator for water-cooled motorcycles, or (in some cases) a low-speed blower for air-cooled models.

Everything is covered over using a series of body panels, that can be customized for a unique look. When the front end of the bike needs to be serviced, these can reportedly be removed in under 10 minutes, by taking out no more than 10 bolts.

In fact, if users wish to return to using their bike as a regular two-wheeler, they can still do so – installation of the kit requires no modifications to the motorcycle, so its original front wheel, etc. can just be swapped back on. Additionally, Kokes claims that the kit can be installed by the consumer in a few hours, using regular wrenches.

Norm currently has three bikes of different types, each equipped with its own prototype Endeavor kit. He's planning on taking the kit into production soon, and estimates pricing at US$8,000 to $9,000, including installation.

Source: IDO Endeavor

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