As today’s portable devices increase in performance and functionality, so too does their appetite for power. Energizer has teamed with XPAL Power for its new “Energi To Go” range and hardly a niche has been left uncatered for, with a portable iPhone shaped charger, solar powered units and even a USB powered charger that connects directly to DSLR batteries.

The rechargeable lithium polymer power packs and emergency chargers are set to be available in over ten configurations. The XP line will feature wallet-sized cell phone chargers, devices that can charge up to three units at once, such as MP3 players and GPS units, and one model powerful enough to give life to a notebook. The AP iPhone chargers are set to give those juice hungry mobiles up to double the battery life. The solar powered SP chargers are to be released simultaneously.

Perhaps the most interesting development is the USB powered DSLR battery charger, which does away with the bulky rectangular chargers traditionally used to power up these types of batteries. The small device connects like a clip to any camcorder or digital camera battery using teeth-like prongs while the opposite end connects to a USB port. Although a standard USB port offers 5 volts and some batteries may require a higher output to charge, Energizer seems to have this covered with an 8.4 volt power pack with USB in the works as part of the series.

The line is set to be released in August, with pricing to be determined.

Via: Gearlog

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