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Purelight UV sterilizer targets household germs

Purelight UV sterilizer target...
ENPUTECH's Purelight UV sterilizer
ENPUTECH's Purelight UV sterilizer
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ENPUTECH's Purelight UV sterilizer
ENPUTECH's Purelight UV sterilizer

December 17, 2008 ENPUTECH has announced plans to unveil its new UV sterilizer at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2009 in Las Vegas in January. Purelight is an environmentally-friendly device designed to detect and sterilize germs and other bacteria in mattresses, blankets, carpets, toothbrushes, toilets and kitchen utensils.

The wand-like device is a portable bacteria detector and sterilizer using an 8W UV Lamp to detect and sterilize an area of 253.7cm/99in (Ozone free) within 10 seconds of the exposure on surfaces such as a mattresses or carpets.

Weighing just 578g (around 1.3 lbs), Purelight is equipped with an 11.1V, 1100mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 500 usage counts and lamp life span of 15,000 hours. It uses a 100% chemical-free UV-C sterilization to sanitize objects and surfaces and guarantees a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria & viruses including dust mites & bed bugs according to ENPUTECH.

ENPUTECH is planning to expand its application from current home usage to general public areas such as hospitals, nursery, schools, and other public locations where high levels of bacteria are found among the wider population.

The South Korean based company is also showing its new insect repellent bulb, Repellight, designed to distract moths and other flying insects. Repellight emits white light instead of the commonly used yellow lights in order to protect the human eye and eliminate unnecessary UV lights. And unlike chemical insect repellents, Repellight guarantees safety for humans and the environment as it emits no smell, no noise and no harmful chemicals. Following a series of tests, ENPUTECH found that Repellight eliminated 90% of moths and flies in outdoor restaurants, camping grounds, golf courses, and gas stations.

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