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Enviga – the calorie-burning soft drink

Enviga – the calorie-burning soft drink
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October 13, 2006 The diet soda market has traditionally been a place where the soft drinks didn’t add as many calories as non-diet brethren, but Coca Cola is now readying a product for the U.S. market that is proven to burn calories. Enviga hits the Northeast in November and will roll out across the U.S. in January 2007. Enviga is a sparkling tea containing green tea extracts, calcium, and caffeine, and was conceived by Beverage Partners Worldwide (BPW), a joint venture between Nestle and Coca-Cola. Research shows that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant present in green tea, has the ability to speed up metabolism and increase energy use, especially when combined with caffeine. Studies have shown that when EGCG and caffeine are present at the levels comparable to that in three cans of Enviga, healthy subjects in the lean to normal weight range can experience an average increase in calorie burning by 60 – 100 calories.

"Enviga increases calorie burning. It represents the perfect partnership of science and nature," said Dr. Rhona Applebaum, chief scientist, The Coca-Cola Company. "Enviga contains the optimum blend of green tea extracts (EGCG), caffeine and naturally active plant micronutrients designed to work with your body to increase calorie burning, thus creating a negative calorie effect. It makes this product stand out as unique. Enviga brings the benefits of green tea to the forefront in a convenient and accessible, great tasting beverage."

The Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland, has studied the properties and benefits of green tea for decades as part of its extensive global tea business. A recent study conducted by the Center in collaboration with the University of Lausanne revealed that consuming the equivalent of three Enviga beverages over the course of the day resulted in a noticeable increase in calorie burning.

EGCG is a naturally occurring antioxidant in tea, including green tea. Enviga provides 90 mg of EGCG in each serving, along with 20 percent of the daily value for calcium. Enviga's natural flavors and naturally active plant micronutrients make it a refreshing choice for maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

"We've seen a shift in consumers' attitudes toward diet and health and wellness, with more consumers seeking product choices that support active lifestyles, rather than just eliminating things from their diet," said John Hackett, senior vice president, Coca-Cola North America Marketing. "Enviga is a great tasting beverage that invigorates your metabolism to gently burn calories, and it's a positive step people can take as part of a balanced lifestyle – like taking the stairs."

Enviga will be available in three flavors – green tea, berry and peach – in the ready-to-drink tea section at supermarkets, mass merchandisers, convenience and drug stores, and club stores.

Enviga will be sold in individual 12-ounce sleek cans as well as six-can and 12-can multi-packs. Suggested retail price for Enviga will be US$1.29 - $1.49 (single can).

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