envisionCAM video camera, GPS and G-force Event Data Recorder

envisionCAM EDR
envisionCAM EDR
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envisionCAM EDR
envisionCAM EDR

April 29, 2008 Big brother has found his way into the company car, so leadfoot drivers beware; he sees, and remembers, and tells all. We wrote recently about the CarCam Voyager, basically a small dash videocam that acts as an infallible witness in accident situations - but the envisionCAM from Advanced EDR systems takes the concept to another level entirely.

The envisionCAM packs two ultra-wide angle cameras for a coverage of almost 360 degrees inside AND outside the car - and they switch to night vision when required. It records GPS and accelerometer g-force data as well as high resolution video - and automatically transmits data wirelessly when the car gets within range. The management software is amazing - it'll pop up a flag when a fleet driver has exceeded a certain speed or g-force rating, then show you zoomable video around the event and Google Earth satellite photos of the location. Any swearing or fist-shaking is reproduced in high-res clarity. So not only will it act as an excellent witness for accidents, it's a great way of deterring people from driving company cars like they stole them.

Volume dependent pricing starts at USD$575 for one unit.

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