Foldable electric scooters seem to be proliferating like rabbits lately, but while most are great on the flat, they lack the torque to tackle significant hills. The team behind the Eon Scooter claims to have solved that problem by equipping their scooter with an electric motor powerful enough to carry a 250-lb (113-kg) rider up a 30-degree incline with no problem.

The Eon Scooter's power comes by way of a 48-volt, 1500-watt brushless custom wound electric hub motor and a 12 Ah lithium ion battery similar to the one used in the Tesla Model S. A 15 Ah battery is available as an option.

Top speed is listed at 25 mph (40 km/h) with a 30-mile (48 km) range on a single charge. Three different power levels are available (low, medium and high) that will affect battery life and speed, and recharging time is listed at two hours with the company's 4-amp charger. Of course, kick rolling it will help extend the time between charges.

A regenerative braking system stops the Eon Scooter and captures up to a claimed 10 percent of battery energy through the sealed, rainproof rear mechanical drum brake.

Suspension is courtesy of front and rear springs, and tubeless pneumatic tires help provide a bit more cushion on rougher surfaces. Other features include a horn, a USB charging port, a headlight, and a push-button start similar to what you'd find on a moped.

The scooter's handlebars can be raised or lowered, and the seat can be adjusted or removed, allowing you to sit or stand, regardless of riding conditions. The Eon Scooter also folds down to allow it to be more easily carried on a bus or train, or stored in a car.

When folded, the Eon Scooter comes in at 38 in (97 cm) in length, 12 in (30 cm) in height and 7 in (18 cm) in width. It's 42 inches (107 cm) in height when unfolded and the handlebars are raised to their highest point. The basic version weighs in at 29 lb (13 kg) and the ultimate version (with the 15-amp battery and all accessories) comes in at 33 lb (15 kg).

The company will be launching an Indiegogo campaign on June 15 where they hope to raise US$50,000 to help fund further development. Early backers will be able to order the basic Eon Scooter at a 60 percent discount for $349 plus shipping, with delivery expected sometime in October of this year if everything goes as planned.

Take a look at the video to see the Eon Scooter in uphill action.

Source: Eon Scooter

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