To some, sports is just that. Sports. But to many more all over the world, watching games and supporting players is part pastime, part culture, and maybe even part religion (e.g. Wisconsin's Green Bay Packers). Out of all the ways to show love and loyalty for one's favorite team(s) – from simple signs to full-on body paint/costumes – the latest may be the most flashy. The ePint Smart Beer Mug is designed to automatically light up in your team's colors every single time they score.

Made of polycarbonate material, the ePint Smart Beer Mug features sensors, a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth LE wireless technology, and array of multicolor LEDs. And if that isn't enough to outdo all the other mugs in the room, it also houses a stainless steel opener in the bottom so you'll never have hunt for one ever again.

Once paired with a mobile device running the game-tracking ePint app (for iOS and Android), users can select favorite teams so ePint knows who to root for. Unlike basic beverage holders that sit idle on game day, the ePint Smart Beer Mug adds excitement by cheering point scores in a display of team pride.

With its fluid detection sensor, ePint is also designed to sense when it's empty or full. Once topped off with your favorite drink, the mug glows to show everyone that you've started up another round. And while the ePint app provides some additional features, the most fun one may be multi-pint pairing. This allows you to control two (or more) glowing mugs at the same time.

The ePint Smart Beer Mug is currently funding on Kickstarter, having raised three percent of its US$50,000 goal in just a day, with another 44 days left to go. A pledge of $30 sets you up with one ePint, saving 50 percent off the planned $59.99 MSRP.

If manufacturing and fulfillment go according as planned, backers can expect reward shipments to start sometime April, 2016. Check out the company's video below to see the ePint in action.

Sources: ePint, Kickstarter

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