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Epson USB Plug in and Play projector

Epson USB Plug in and Play projector
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August 24, 2006 Epson has released an ultra portable wireless multimedia projector with the world’s first USB Plug in Play connection in a projector, making it the ideal portable partner for presentations. Weighing just 1.7 kg, the EMP-1715 is lighter than any other wireless projector in its class, and a mere 68mm high with a footprint of just 273 by 193 mm. With a superb 2700 ANSI lumen lamp brightness, the EMP-1715 is compatible with both PCs and Macs. With the EMP-1715 Epson has also introduced another world first with a multi screen display function allowing content from different applications to be displayed on up to four projectors from just one PC.

For smooth delivery of presentations and to allow questions and answers throughout, the EMP-1715 has an AV mute slide which allows you to suspend and resume presentations seamlessly. Moving the AV mute slide across the lens the EMP-1715 blanks the screen and the projector dims the lamp and slows the fan to reduce background noise.

With an easy to connect Ethernet option for in-office presentations stored on the network, the EMP-1715 is also versatile enough to run PC free presentations from USB portable memory devices such as iPods or thumb drives connected to the USB 2.0 port.

Increased security is essential with greater mobility so the EMP-1715 has improved high-level security options and is now compatible with the WPA-EAP (enterprise mode) encryption and still supports WPA-PSK encryption protocols.

Wireless transmission of in-presentation videos with smooth full size picture and sound is now possible with the EMP-1715 using MPEG2 compression format.

Even with its tiny size and ultra portability Epson’s 3LCD technology in the EMP-1715 – and all Epson projectors – produces bright and natural images. A smooth and sharp playback ensures there is no colour break-up in the image, so viewing is easier on the eye.

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