ESA has created a street view-like virtual tour of the ISS. The update to the previously released panoramic view of the Columbus module provides a virtual look around every non-Russian section of the space station in exquisite detail, with the rest of the station slated to be added to the tour later this year.

The panoramic tour allows viewers to pan around and zoom in on the environment as it was in June 2015. It was created by stitching together images taken by ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti.

Also featured in the tour are text files and video clips, during which Samantha explains the use of various pieces of equipment and locations around the station, providing a fascinating insight into how the six person crew live and spend their time in orbit.

Update August 28 2015: The virtual tour has now been expanded to encompass all of the remaining space station sections, including the Pirs, Rassvet, Poisk, Zarya and Zvezda modules, where the Russian contingent of the crew live and work.

Source: ESA