Last year, Gizmag reported on Royalplay Group Limited's E.T Scooter, one of many new electric scooters designed to fold up and transport easily when it isn't transporting you. Things apparently haven't gone so well for the company since then, but now it's back with a new and improved model, the ET Smart Scooter, to make things right.

An attempt to raise production funds for the E.T Scooter via Kickstarter fell far short of its goal last year, and then ran into problems when it went into production anyway.

"Old models were manufactured at third-party facilities, and with lack of oversight resulted to serious flaws in the old model," the company says.

Royalplay is going so far as to urge consumers not to buy the old model (pictured above), citing safety concerns.

Instead, the company is pitching its new Smart Scooter, which it says was manufactured in a facility controlled by Royalplay itself to ensure safety and product integrity, and comes with new features including keyless start, cruise control and a USB port for device charging.

The upgrades also allow the new model to carry more weight, up to 486 kg (1,071 lb), while at the same time weighing almost half the original, at 16 kg (35 lb) and maintaining a range of 30 - 40 km (19-25 miles) per charge.

The ET Smart Scooter is available online at pre-order price of US$1,390.

Source: ET Scooter

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