Eberspächer is best known for its OEM work with vehicle manufacturers in the field of exhausts and heaters, but the company's new Euroengel compressor refrigerated range directly targets end users. The portable lightweight refrigerated boxes can reportedly be temporarily fitted to almost any commercial vehicle, and are transferable between vehicles. A 12 or 24-volt socket (cigarette lighter) is sufficient for all boxes and when stationary, they can be plugged into any mains electricity supply system in the world, from 110 to 240 volts. The cost-effectiveness in comparison to a refrigerated vehicle conversion is impressive, as purchased or leased vehicles can be retrofitted to become refrigerated vehicles, then sold or returned in original condition.

Euroengel refrigerated containers are designed mainly for the hygienic transportation of temperature-sensitive goods in the food and medical-pharmaceutical areas. The boxes have already been deployed by the military, where a special version is in use in field and canteen kitchens.

They are available as toploaders with a capacity of 22 to 330 liters (6 to 87 US gallons) and as frontloaders with contents of 140 to 915 liters (37 to 242 US gallons). The small boxes have a freezing capacity of down to -24C (-11F) as standard, while containers with contents of 140 to 330 liters (37 to 87 US gallons) go down to -21C (-6F). Both front and toploaders are simple to operate – the interior temperature can be adjusted and controlled exactly via a digital display. For use in winter, all Euroengels can also be equipped with a heating capacity of up to 40C (104F).

All of the Eberspächer Euroengels can be purchased with vehicle-specific mounting kits, enabling the containers to be securely fixed. A variety of delivery and transport vehicles are catered for with custom-fit dimensions, such as a 750-liter (198-US gallon) box for the Renault Kangoo, a 785-liter (207-US gallon) container for the Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo, and a 915-liter (242-US gallon) model for the Fiat Doblò.