Facebook Messenger's instant messaging, group chat, video call and SMS support features have helped make it one of the most popular messaging apps. Now, there's yet another reason to use it, with Group Video Chat in Messenger making it possible talk face-to-face with multiple people at once.

Although it's only possible to see up to six people on screen at a time, Group Video Chat in Messenger users can actually video chat with up to 50 people at once. When there are more than six people involved in the call, only the current speaker will be shown on screen to the other participants.

Users can either select a new group of friends to include in a video call or open an existing group message and tap the video call icon. Those included will be sent a notification and can simply tap to join the call. Alternatively, it's possible to actually ring people, which can be done for either a whole group or just a few people within a group.

Remarkably, Facebook says that Group Video Chat is the most requested feature for Messenger ever. Its addition will, therefore, help to keep Messenger competitive with the other major messaging platforms and add to the 245 million people making video calls in Messenger every month.

Facebook has begun rolling out Group Video Chat in Messenger to the Android and iOS Messenger apps, as well as on desktop. It is available worldwide.

Source: Facebook